From Solar Panel Wire Connectors to Pull Heads, Find the Solar Wire Accessories You Need

At Sun-Pull, we optimize our bundled PV cable solutions for maximum efficiency. Using the correct cable accessories (e.g., connectors compatible with the PV module specified for a given project) helps reduce installation labor and product waste while delivering consistent, long-term performance. Sun-Pull accessories include:

Factory-Installed PV Connectors

Connectors must be installed properly to seal connectors from moisture and environmental extremes and deliver a stable flow of electricity between solar components. Solar panel wire connectors should be installed in a controlled factory environment by trained installers using proper tooling. Factory connector installation provides increased quality and consistency, reduces “in-field” labor, and ensures minimal failure rates and optimal performance.

Factory-Installed Pull Heads

Pull heads reduce field setup time and product waste. Assembling pull heads in a factory setting offers better quality control and is more cost-effective than field installation.

Wire Management

This includes bundle straps, zip ties, split loom, flex wrap, s-sclips, and ground lugs.

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